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Necessary Insomnia

I count backwards.
The Grecian Gods move behind my back…
Moving toward me in my peripheral view.

Vertigo on solid ground.
Earths’ yo-yo,
Swaying below my feet,
Unlike Columbus, I feel I’ll fall off.

Choppers appear, circling overhead.
Beaming their searchlight downward,
Searching for some lost identity.

Suddenly the Chopper’s disappear and
Dead Silence.
A dead silence even the fully lit moon couldn’t cut through.
This winter night, feels frozen in time.
Cold breeze runs though my hair, teasing my senses.
With an abrupt Schoop!
The cold breeze seizes, and Dead Silence gains power as my heart beat races.

My mind conjures up serial killing ranting and ravings.
Flashbacks of daily news and re-enactment tragedies on TV,
Feed the fire of my uncertainty.

I walk across nights’ garden,
Where Jasmine silently dance in the shadows,
But, I notice that they have strangely lost their scent.

Now, I can finally see it.
The fountain forms a whirlpool,
Where living things are sucked into the underworld.
A gruesome sight, I cannot bear to look at.
I feel sick.
I look for an escape route,
Only, where can you go when you can’t leave?

An image appears.
It’s me as a child and
I get down on my knees and ask her,
“What is it you want me to do?”
Her only response is,

By: Gina Montel

Fire Twirler    
baby gina