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Gina May Montel




Since the late 80's Gina has been in many San Francisco and Los Angeles local bands ranging from pop, hard rock, progressive rock, alternative, folk, new wave and funk bands. Among those bands were the Sweet Hues, Mischief, SWARM, Candy From Strangers, The Faraday Effect and the Watersigns along with numerous recording and performing projects. Gina is currently endorsed by the Italy based cymbal company UFIP International and can be seen every July teaching drums at Day Jams. She is a contributing writer to online music resources, one of which being In a video with Mischief Gina has been seen in a local band segment featured on MTV, viewed on local cable channels performing with various bands, and heard on regional radio station giants such as KSJO. In 1999 she was accepted to Berklee College of Music, which led her to move to Fullerton California to attend the Junior College there to complete her undergraduate music classes. Gina played in the Fullerton College Big Band for 2 years and a small jazz combo for one year. After graduating with honors in Music Performance, Gina decided she missed playing the San Francisco clubs and rocking out.
Gina is also auditioning musicians to form an original project that incorporates several different musical styles. Gina teaches in her Fremont studio.


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