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"Apparently Montel has no lack of ambition...she played her heart out on the song she sent in, revealing a style that was very aggressive, yet sensitive to the arrangement. Montel's chops are clearly in good shape...she has a ton of talent."

~Waldo the Squid: Drum! magazine




Montel highly recommends using these drum equipment companies: Tama, Zildjian, Ufip, DW Drums and Vic Firth


Check back at this site soon for details on Gina's newest project that's in the works!

Boy in the Bubble * Check out Gina's new band: Boy in the Bubble .

* Every summer Gina teaches kids 9-15 how to play drums at a rock and roll day camp for kids called Day Jams.

* Check the music & video page to hear MP3's of her recordings.

* For private drum instruction click here to contact Gina.





Day Jams Drum Camp   DayJams

"She is supportive and not very strict. She is also very skilled on the drums and it's inspiring."
~Ilana Rappaport


Day Jams Testimonials

"She explains things well and she does not criticize you".
~Joshua Oi

" Gina was able to show and explain things she wanted us to learn".
~Matt Mallory


Gina Intoducing Her Day Jams Stars  

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